Ladies, ladies, ladies…

This blog is more so generalized. I didn’t have a biblical perspective but I was speaking from one concerned sista to another. I want to elevate and bring life to women who want to know someone cares and I most certainly do!

I’m all for wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, but some clothing is borderline nude and plain ole ridiculous. To add insult to injury, we have women with the audacity to complain about how men approach them. In NO WAY am I condoning a man touching a woman without her consent or even being disrespectful. However, I am bringing to light the way in which women carry themselves negatively with the expectation of a positive ROI. I’m a firm believer that you attract what you put out. Don’t expect a wholesome mama’s boy and the whole instagram can see what ya mama gave ya! I think it’s important to realize that what you display attracts a certain type of guy.

Personally, I believe women who consistently wear revealing clothing have low self-esteem. I don’t say that to be mean but I say that to bring realization to the fact that there are women suffering with simply being comfortable with who they are. They think by attracting a certain guy, it will somehow increase their capacity for confidence and they’ll be more desirable. No, it doesn’t work like that. If you can get a man with barely any clothes and a beat face, well huney, you haven’t done much. Men will categorize the type of woman you are based on what you wear, which is why it’s important to be mindful of this. My guy friends have told me how beautiful they think some women are, but wouldn’t dare consider taking them serious because of how they carry themselves.

The older I get, the least likely I am to wear fitted clothing. Now for me this is a personal preference. I’m a curvy woman with hips and butt. Ladies, keep in mind that all of our bodies are different and beautiful. Don’t put others down because of their body, but rather elevate them and suggest clothing that would be fitting for their body type.

This is not a competition, nor should we make it one. Who are you trying to impress? If they aren’t impressed with the person you truly are, trust that your clothing won’t make much of an impression either. I can name several successful relationships and clothing looks to be a defining factor in my eyes. Look at the quality of guy each of these women snagged. Barack and Michelle Obama, Denzel and Paulette Washington, Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict, Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts, Aisha and Steph Curry. Do you see a trend? Dress for success!

I’m not telling you to not be fashionable and stylish, however, I am saying that you can still “slay” while being beautifully presented in clothing that covers and properly fits you. When I say covered I don’t mean long sleeve shirts and long ankle skirts either. Be you! Still shop at your favorite stores, but away with the cut outs, see-through dresses, skirts and tights, booty shorts, drop top shirts so low we see your belly button and the body con dresses we know you can’t breathe in because of the girdle two sizes too small under there. Leave that mess in 2016!

Let’s be aware in 2017. Aware of how we are presenting ourselves and aware of what we are attracting. I would encourage some of you to even follow some individuals on social media that aren’t seeking likes on social based on the amount of skin they can show, but rather have platforms where they seek to give young a foundation on which to dress professionally, fashionably and fitting for them. Below I have provided images of do’s and don’ts of fashion in 2017! Let me know if you have questions or even tips on what to wear.




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