You’ve been serving God the best, so now you’re better than the rest?

You toot up your nose with disgust, yet you’re still wrapped up in lust.

Seek His face, because you’re only here by grace. 

All this sin, and you can’t see the beginning from the end.

You don’t see your value, so any man can have you.

Now all you do is groan, about how you’re all alone.

Why must I suffer? Well hasn’t your brother?

All this disobedience, sis it’s only a reflections of your ungodly vehemence.

Staring every chick down, trying to figure who’s fit for the crown.

Aren’t you a Christian? This isn’t a competition.

There will never be another you. Even Christ said it’s true.

He knew you before He formed you in the womb. What’s that look of gloom?

Go now and repent, I can see the torment.

He’s doing a new thing and you can’t perceive it. I promise it’s not a counterfeit.

Don’t let the world lie to you. Going back will only mean deja vu.

Don’t believe me, or do you just choose to disagree? 

Well check the wounds and scars, then I’ll give you all the memoirs.

Sin once had me bound, then I turned my life around.

Gave my life to Christ, because He was the ultimate sacrifice.

Molding me preciously,

I am The Crowned Destinee.


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