About Destinee

First and foremost, Destinee is a believer in Christ, and her desire is nothing but to seek God’s will for her life and truly be used for the Kingdom’s glory! Her honesty and in depth look into her life through this blog not only shows her flaws as an imperfect being but her ability to overcome through Christ. Her desire for this blog is to glorify the one and only Lord, Christ Jesus and help others come to the knowledge of Him through her blog.

Born January 28, Destinee is a creative and authentic communications professional who discovered her love for writing while studying at the University of Florida. She eventually received her Bachelor of Science in Public Relations with a minor in educational studies and shortly thereafter, Destinee became a Teach for America Corp member. She taught middle school science in addition to being an after school ELA enrichment teacher.

In her pursuits to further her educational career, she began studying for her master’s at the University of Florida. In 2015, she worked several months on a capstone project, which was a strategic communications plan for TFA that would not only alter the integrity of the organization but the state of failing school districts in which it serves. August 2015, she graduated with her Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a specialization in global strategic communication.

Since completing her masters, Destinee has written redesigned business plans, consulted business owners, edited papers for local college students and recognized as a communications expert. Additionally, she worked two years at Tech Data in sales/business development. This past 2016 campaign season, Destinee worked with the Fund for Public Interest as a Canvassing Director for the Community Voters Project.

Destinee currently lives in her hometown where she has taken time off from her career to focus on developing and enhancing her communication and PR skills.

She loves to travel, hang out with family, eat, read, write and shop.