Who Knew?

I know you’re wondering what exactly the title of this post means, but it emphasizes my thoughts on actually starting this blog. I’ve gone back and forth with myself a plethora of times trying to figure out exactly what God is trying to do in this season of my life, and how He plans to use me. Although, I am a writer, a blog was never on my mind. I know so many other women of God that have blogs and websites and I wondered, what value add could I bring. Well, the truth is, I’m just a twenty-something year old trying to figure it out. However, life experiences such as trials, triumphs, and testimonies have all assisted in bringing me to this moment. I hope my blog evokes all the emotions of happiness, love, hope and courageousness. As I write these blogs know that some of these things are current realities that I face. It’s therapeutic. It also gives me a sense of hope and strengths my faith.

I also want to dedicate my blog and this post to my really good friend Brandi. She’s such an amazing person and she really encouraged me to use the season that God has me in. After one of our many conversations, I really pondered on what I could possibly do to make an impact on young women; The Crowned Destinee was birthed. Thanks Brandi for being a TRUE friend and I love you.